Ray Ban Discount Codes

Ray Ban discount codes are available despite their sunglasses being one of the top designer brands on the market today and having a long history dating back to around 1936. Our site provides discount codes for a number of retailers and among them there are some good ray ban discount codes available.

The birth of Ray Ban sunglasses was the result of a US test pilot by the name of John A Macready complaining of damage to his eyesight after a balloon flight. Macready contacted Bausch & Lomb to ask that they produce a pair of shades that would overcome this problem and at the same time look stylish and sophisticated. Following on from this request Bausch & Lomb took out a patent and introduced the aviator to the general public.

The aviator style was utilised by the US air force and as a result of wartime photography bringing this look to the media the aviators grew in popularity throughout the military.

Ray Ban sunglasses later released a new style know as the wayfarer which was adopted by the movie stars at that time which rapidly increased the popularity of the brand. Our ray ban discount codes are available for boh of these styles and more.

Since the early days and the rising popularity of the brand, they have continued to produce excellent quality sunglasses and develop the technology used in producing them to bring ever better products to their customers.

In particular they have developed several advanced lenses to provide the optimum eye protection and visual quality for a range of different situations.Some of these include polycarbonate lenses that overcome some of the moulding issues of more traditional lenses and plorised lenses that have the ability to block reflecting light such as that from the surface of water. They also developed their photochromatic lenses which adapts to the surrounding light conditions to block out more or less light as necessary.

In addition to the advances in lens technology Ray Ban sunglasses also developed their frames to be ligher and stronger and produced a great range of styles along the way. More recently they have released the Tech range that includes the carbon fibre and carbon light syles that show off Ray Ban sunglasses most advance and innovative products to date.

So by now you should be fairly convinced of the quality and style that they offer and if your planning to add a pair to your collection with your next purchase be sure to check out our current offers to see if we have any ray ban discount codes to save you money and make sure you get the best price. The discount codes we offer on this site apply to the various retailers so there aren't any specific ray ban discount codes but most of the retailers we supply codes for stock ray ban on their sites.

2140-7 1106 Special Series
Ray Ban 2140-7 1106

This addition to the 2012 collection is a new and colourful take on the classic wayfarer style. You can expect the usual quality feel and finish with these bright and fresh coloured frames.

2140 - Havana Grey Violet Fuxi
Ray Ban 2140

Another great take on the wayfarer style. The Havana Grey Violet Fuxi have a subtle grey lens surrounded by brightly coloured frames that would look great as part of anybody's wardrobe this summer.Sunglasses Shop,

Ray Ban 3478 Gunmetal
Ray Ban 3478

The 3478 modelmake the most of a great wrap around style frame shown here in gunmetal with black lenses. The lenses come in a range of colours including brown and gree. Smartbuy Sunglasses

3479 Folding Aviator
Ray Ban 3479

The Aviator frames are a classic look and have been around for decades. Why, because they are a great style and never go out of fashion. These great frames with the added bonus of being double folding for ease of storage look and feel great and add that classic air of sophitication the aviators poses.