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Oakley discount codes don't come along that often. This is because they are one of the most well known sunglasses brands on the market today. They are renowned for their high quality, durable and stylish designs and innovation in all aspects of their products. So where and how did Oakley sunglasses come from and what made them the sucessful brand that they are today?

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Well the Oakley name started with one man by the name of Jim Jannard as far back as 1975. Jim Jannard was a scientist with a very clear objective. His vision and belief was that industry hadn't reached the ultimate standards in product design and technology and that any product could be taken and re-engineered to make it better. This was not the most popular attitude at the time but undetered Jim Jannard with only $300 started his own company and began a journey that would lead to many years of innovation and new products and would see the birth of Oakley sunglasses. Jim created the Eyeshades from which an eyewear evolution was spawned and lead to the development of sunglasses as an essential piece of sporting equipment rather than an accessory. World class cyclists impressed by the innovation and product quality adopted the products and so helped to promote the name. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength producing a massive range of sucessful products from this famous name worn by many sporting greats to ski goggles and sporting clothing. As well as the super cool look they manage to knock out year on year, the company aslo has a strong focus on the constant improvement of the technology aspect of their products. We will run through some of the more impressive examples of these below.


Ploarized Lenses
Many eyewear products recognise the benefit of polarized lenses. The affect of the lenses blocks out as much as 50% of certain light waves that created glare from light reflecting off surfaces such as water or highliy polished metal etc. The lenses reduce the amount of glare but allow the image to be seen clearly still. Standard ploarized lenses can distort the vision of the wearere slightly and not eliminate enough of the glare necessary. The polarized lenses used have evolved from this and cut out a significant amount of glare with no image distortion.
Photochromatic Lenses
This is a technology utilised to great effect to provide eyewear that adapts the the changing light conditions throughout the day. They recognise the need to block out the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun but have taken into account that the sun doesn't stay constant throughout the day. Photochromatic lenses adapt so that they block out 100% of the suns harmful UV rays during the high of the day when the sun is strong and bright and then adapt to the fading light of the day so that the vision of the wearer is not impaired.
Asian Fit
Another great example of their ability to look at their own fantastic products and step back and come up with ways of making them better. They have recognised the need for comfort and that not everybody's needs are the same. The Asian fit range has overcome the problem that some people have with their glasses sitting too low on their face or slipping down the nose.Specially deisigned nose pads and nose bridge overcome this problem and make these shades a much better fit and more comfortable for the wearer. We have added two great examples of their 2012 range below that show off their ability to consistnatly comeup with new impressive and stylish designs. Many of these new styles can be found on the reatailers sites we provide oakley discount codes for.

Oakley 009157 Gunmetal

009157-03 TWENTY FMJ GUNMETAL have that classic clean, cool Oakley style that many of you have come to know and love. The wrap style frames shown here in gunmetal colour with iridium fire coloured lenses are available in a range of different colours. So check out our Oakley discount codes and save money on your next pair of Oakley sunglasses.

Oakly 009164 Bottle Rocket

BOTTLE ROCKET OO9164 shown here in polished black are a great addition for 2012 to the already extensive selection of semi-rimless frames. These are a great pair of lightweight frames that are durable and comfortable and add a touch of style and class.