Armani Sunglasses For 2012

Emporio Armani sunglasses haven't failed to disappoint with their 2012 range. We may have sunglasses discount codes for various retailers for Armani sunglasses so check our sunglasses discount codes section and save yourself money on the very latest 2012 styles for the top brands. There has been a range of Armani sunglasses released for 2012 as varied and as stylish as anything they have released previously. We have gathered together a collection of some of the 2012 Armani range for you below so you can see the innovative and varied range of styles released this season.

Emporio Armani 9794 Dark Havana 086
Armani Dark Havana

With their chunky round acetate frames the Armani sunglasses 9794 dark havana design are reminicent of the vintage Elton John look. These frames offer subltle, stylish colouring and an individual look to set you out from the crowd with these Armani sunglasses. Check the sunglasses discount codes section of our site to make sure you get the best price possible. The following is not an extensive list but this particular design can be found at Sunglasses Shop and Amazon Uk

Emporio Armani Black Flock 32s
Armani Black Flock

Emporio Armani sunglasses have provided an injection of glamour with these bold Black Flock framed sunglasses. The strong, bold styled frames with a large Armani emblem at the temple and brown lenses give a gorgeous look for 2012. Check out all of our discount codes for each retailer and save money on your next purchase. Sunglasses Shop and Amazon Uk are at least two websites known to supply this model.

Emporio Armani 9838 Green 3w1
Armani 9838 Green 3w1

These green Armani's with the acetate visor style gradiented lens are way ahead of their time and Armani have made a real statement with these. Garaunteed to get you noticed these high fashion shades stand out as a cutting edge design that look great and make a lasting impression. Amazon Uk,Sunglasses Shop

Emporio Armani 9796 White VK6
Armani 9796 White VK6

Armani's 9796 VK6 white sunglasses have set the standard for cool and casual this season with these excellent frames. These understated yet trendy shades have an excellent look ideal for everyday use. wayfer style frames are set off by the grey gradiented lenses and subtle Armani logo. Sunglasses Shop, Amazon Uk

Emporio Armani 9790 Shiny Brown H9I
Armani 9790 Shiny Brown H9I

Armani have utilised the traditional but trendy and stylish aviator frame for these 9790 range of sunglasses. They are shown here in shiny brown but are available in other colours such as gold and black. They create a great look ideal for every day use or festivals and make use of gradiented lenses. Sunglasses Shop, Amazon Uk

Emporio Armani 9837 Grey 3t7
Armani 9837 Grey 3t7

These Armani sunglasses with their frameless all in one lens and nose bridge are a credit to the Emporio Armani style and innovation. They are a fantasticly individual design that will stand out and give that on trend fashionable look. The grey lenses are subtle and can be worn for everyday use to compliment a whole selection of outfits. Sunglasses Shop, Amazon Uk