Adidas Sunglasses For 2012

Adidas sunglasses have already released some fantastic styles for 2012. These include some great sports styles that look stylish and are hard wearing and practical. Our sunglasses discount codes apply for 2012 styles in most cases. We have put together some of the 2012 sunglasses by Adidas for you below. These styles may be available at a number of retailers we provide sunglasses discount codes for. We have highlighted those stores we have found these styles on so far so that you can check out our available discount codes and savings for them to make sure you are saving as much money as you can on your next purchase.

Adidas Duramo S Range
Adidas Duramo S

Adidas sunglasses has released the Duramo S range that has a single piece lens that look good and are practical sports sunglasses. They are durable sunglasses and come in a variety of colours including shiny brown, black, shiny white and red. You can find this style of adidas sunglasses at Sunglasses Shop so check out our current discount codes for this store and make sure you get your shades at the best price.

Adidas Adivista Range
Adidas Adivista

These stylish yet sporty Adidas Adivista sunglasses come in fresh lemon and metallic silver with lime colours. They are durable and practical and have a quick release hinge mechanism and comfortable frames. Take advantage of our sunglasses discount codes for sunglasses shop where these models are currently available.

Adidas Supernova Pro L Range
Adidas Supernova Pro L

Adidas supernova pro L sunglasses shown here in the shiny blue colour have been released for 2012 and also come in orange. They are sunglasses designed for sports use with a durable visor style frame and bronzed lenses. The supernova pro L has been designed for maximum comfort and practicality. The adjustable nose bridge height allows movement to suit different wearers and the anti fog lenses take care of light difusion. The scratch resistant, flexible frames give a comfortable secure fit and also incorporate a quick release hinge system that allows the frames to break free to avoid damage in the case of an impact.

Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro Range
Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro

The Adidas sunglasses - Evil Eye Halfrim are another great 2012 introduction to their sporting range. Shown here in a stylish black and orange. The tough flexible frames of this design boasts in built ventilation and a removable sweat blocking system. The wrap around style makes them a great choice for cycling and the amount of adustability in the frames from the TRI fit system and adjustable nose bridge combined with the traction grip earpieces means that they can be altered to give each individual wearer maximum comfort.